how to evolve rockruff

How to evolve Rockruff- A step by step informative guide 2023

Introduction: The Wonders of Rockruff Evolution

So you’ve embarked on your Pokémon journey and stumbled upon the cute, little Rockruff, right? Wondering how to evolve it into a formidable Lycanroc? Stick around! This guide’s got your back.

Deciphering Rockruff’s Nature

The Character of Rockruff

Rockruff, with its playful demeanor and furry cuteness, is much more than meets the eye. Its evolution, unlike many other Pokémon, isn’t linear. Fun, huh?

The Importance of Evolution in Pokemon

Evolution isn’t just about changing appearance. It’s about growth, unlocking abilities, and enhancing your gameplay strategy. Remember when you grew taller and could reach the top shelf? Kind of like that!

Rockruff’s Evolutionary Pathways

The Intricacies of Lycanroc Forms

Rockruff can evolve into one of three Lycanroc forms – each distinct, each powerful. Think of them as the flavors of your favorite ice cream; each one offers a unique taste.

The Role of Game Versions

Your game version isn’t just a background detail. It’s a key player in Rockruff’s evolution. Pokémon Sun or Pokémon Moon? Each guides Rockruff’s metamorphosis differently.

Preparing for Evolution

Choosing the Right Game Version

The game version dictates Rockruff’s evolutionary path. Want a specific Lycanroc form? Ensure you’re on the right version first.

Monitoring the Time of Day

Time isn’t just money. In Rockruff’s world, it’s a factor that determines its evolution. Day or night, each has its magic.

Building a Strong Pokémon-Trainer Bond

It’s not just about battles. Spending quality time and nurturing your Rockruff can influence its evolutionary journey.

Lycanroc Forms: Strengths and Weaknesses

The Speedy Midday Form

Opt for speed and agility? The Midday form is your best bet. This form excels in quick moves, allowing for swift battle strategies.

The Mighty Midnight Form

If power and strength are your game, the Midnight form of Lycanroc packs a punch, metaphorically and literally!

The Elusive Dusk Form

The balanced and rare Dusk form boasts attributes from both the Midday and Midnight forms. It’s like having the best of both worlds.

Techniques to Boost Rockruff’s Evolutionary Progress

The Power of the Soothe Bell

The Soothe Bell, though not directly influencing Rockruff’s evolution, fosters friendship. And in the Pokémon universe, friendship can work wonders!

Engaging in Pokemon Camp

Camping isn’t just about tents and marshmallows. It’s a space to bond with Rockruff, strengthening your connection.

The Magic of Battling

Regular battles shape Rockruff, making it robust and battle-ready. It’s like your regular gym sessions but for your Pokémon.

Tips and Tricks for Smooth Evolution

Avoiding the B button, being alert for evolution triggers, and ensuring Rockruff’s well-being can ensure a hiccup-free evolution.

Conclusion: The Journey’s End and New Beginnings

The road to evolving Rockruff might seem intricate, but it’s an adventure filled with learning, bonding, and strategic gameplay. So, are you ready to embark on this transformative journey with your Rockruff?


  1. How does Rockruff’s evolution differ from other Pokémon?
    Rockruff’s evolution depends on the game version and the time of day.
  2. What influences Rockruff’s evolution into a specific Lycanroc form?
    Game version, time of day, and certain in-game conditions play a role.
  3. Is there a best time to evolve Rockruff?
    It depends on the desired Lycanroc form, but being mindful of the in-game clock is crucial.
  4. Does Rockruff need specific items for its evolution?
    Not specifically for its evolution, but items like Soothe Bell can improve Pokémon-trainer bonding.
  5. Can you reverse Rockruff’s evolution?
    No, once Rockruff evolves, it’s a permanent transformation.
  6. What type of Pokemon is Rockruff?
    Rockruff is a Wolf Pokemon.

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