Top Moves to Counter Lycanroc 2023

The Lycanroc Phenomenon: Introduction

A world of fascination and strategy, the Pokémon universe is filled with enigmatic creatures that capture our hearts. Among these is the formidable Lycanroc, a rock-type Pokémon known for its adaptability and vigor. But like every hero, this beast too has its Achilles’ heel.

Origins and Evolution of Lycanroc

Born from the pup-like Rockruff, Lycanroc comes in various forms, each offering a unique battle style. Whether it’s the sunlit Midday Form, the mysterious Midnight Form, or the rare twilight-induced Dusk Form, Lycanroc’s evolution is truly mesmerizing.

Different Forms and Their Distinctiveness

As day turns to night, Lycanroc shifts. While the Midday Form boasts agility, the Midnight Form thrives on brute power. And somewhere in between, as the sun kisses the horizon, the Dusk Form emerges, blending both agility and strength.

Understanding Lycanroc Weaknesses

A rock-solid exterior might be Lycanroc’s strength, but it also reveals certain weaknesses. Let’s delve deeper.

Elemental Vulnerabilities

Like a sculpture chiseled by time, Lycanroc, despite its might, is vulnerable to certain elemental moves.

Water, Ground, and Steel Types

Imagine the relentless force of a waterfall, the earth-shattering power of a quake, or the sharp edge of a steel blade. These elements can cause tremors in Lycanroc’s confidence.

Strategic Approach to Lycanroc Weaknesses

Knowledge of Lycanroc weakness can transform battles, but the key lies in choosing the right moves to exploit them.

Top Moves to Use Against Lycanroc

Dive into the Power of Water

Harness the potency of moves like Hydro Pump or Surf. Picture the force of the ocean crashing against a lone cliff – that’s the impact you’re aiming for.

Ground Moves that Shake Lycanroc’s Foundations

Earthquake and Bulldoze not only have a great base power but also resonate with the rock’s inherent weaknesses. It’s like watching the land reclaim its own, isn’t it?

Steel Moves: The Metallic Edge

Metal Claw or Iron Head can pierce through Lycanroc’s defenses, drawing parallels to a chisel sculpting art from stone.

Battling Tips: How to Use These Moves

Pairing and Combos

Using Pokemon that can exploit multiple weaknesses of Lycanroc can turn the tide in battles. Perhaps a Swampert with its water and ground-type moves?

Reading Your Opponent’s Strategy

Lycanroc trainers are aware of its vulnerabilities. By anticipating counter-strategies, you can remain one step ahead, weaving a web of unpredictability.

Conclusion: Mastering the Battle Against Lycanroc

Lycanroc, with its diverse forms and abilities, remains a formidable adversary. However, like David to Goliath, with the right moves and strategies, you can conquer this rock giant. As with any battle, knowledge, foresight, and adaptability are your best allies. So, trainers, are you ready to rock the battle against Lycanroc?


  1. Which forms of Lycanroc are most vulnerable to water-type moves?
    • All forms of Lycanroc, being rock-type, are equally vulnerable to water-type moves.
  2. Can ground-type moves be effectively used against all Lycanroc forms?
    • Yes, ground-type moves can be quite effective against all forms of Lycanroc due to their rock typing.
  3. How does the Dusk Form of Lycanroc differ in terms of weaknesses compared to the other forms?
    • The Dusk Form shares the same rock-type vulnerabilities as the Midday and Midnight forms.
  4. Are there any specific Pokémon recommended for battles against Lycanroc?
    • Pokémon like Swampert, Garchomp, or Empoleon can be advantageous due to their type advantages and diverse move sets.
  5. Does Lycanroc have any resistance against any of the mentioned move types?
    • While Lycanroc has specific vulnerabilities, it’s essential to remember it might possess moves to counteract or mitigate some of these threats. It’s always crucial to anticipate and strategize!

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