Probopass Weakness

Understanding Probopass Weakness- A comprehensive overview 2023

Probopass, often referred to as the Compass Pokemon, is a unique and powerful creature in the Pokemon universe. Its distinct appearance, strong magnetic abilities, and control over three smaller units known as Mini-Noses make it stand out. These Mini-Noses allow Probopass to catch prey and attack opponents from multiple directions. But like all Pokemon, while it has its strengths, it also has its vulnerabilities. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve deep into understanding Probopass weaknesses, strategies to counter it, and its battle techniques.

Originating from the Pokemon world, Probopass is the evolved form of Nosepass. It’s known for its strong magnetic field, which allows it to control its three units, the Mini-Noses. These Mini-Noses are a defining feature of Probopass and play a significant role in its abilities and characteristics.

Probopass evolution

Type and Abilities

Probopass is a Rock and Steel type Pokemon. This combination gives it certain advantages in battles, but it also exposes it to specific vulnerabilities. Its abilities often revolve around its magnetic field, making it a formidable opponent in the right circumstances. Moreover, Probopass can learn various moves beneficial in battles, such as Flash Cannon, Earth Power, Thunder Wave, and Stealth Rock.

Probopass Weaknesses

Understanding a Pokemon weaknesses is crucial for any trainer. It allows them to strategize and choose the right Pokemon to counter their opponent. For Probopass, its Rock and Steel type combination makes it susceptible to certain types of attacks and adds to Probopass Weaknesses.

Common Probopass Weaknesses

Probopass is primarily weak against Water, Fighting, and Ground type Pokemon:

  • Water Type Weakness: Water type Pokemon are very effective against Probopass. This is because water can erode rock and corrode metal, making it a natural counter to Probopass’s Rock and Steel type, making it one of the major Probopass weakness.
  • Fighting Type Weakness: Fighting type moves can deal significant damage to Probopass. The strength and power behind these moves can easily overpower Probopass’s defenses, hence it is another vital Probopass weakness.
  • Ground Type Weakness: Ground type moves are another major threat to Probopass. The earthy attacks can destabilize and damage Probopass, making it a challenge for it to stand its ground in battles, therefore it is also a considerable Probopass weakness.

Probopass Weakness

Strategies Against Probopass

To effectively counter Probopass in battles, trainers can employ various strategies and use Pokemon that have type advantages over it:

  • Grass and Water Types: Pokemon like Ludicolo, Ferrothorn, and Tangrowth can use their Grass and Water-type moves to deal significant damage to Probopass.
  • Fighting Types: Pokemon such as Lucario, Conkeldurr, and Machamp can exploit Probopass weakness to Fighting-type moves and deal heavy damage.
  • Ground Types: Pokemon like Garchomp, Excadrill, and Landorus can use their Ground-type moves to deal double damage to Probopass.

Battle Techniques

In addition to using effective Pokemon counters, trainers can also employ specific battle techniques to gain an advantage over Probopass:

  • Exploit Probopass’s Low Speed: Probopass has a base speed of 40, which is relatively low. Trainers can use this to their advantage by using fast Pokémon that can outspeed and deal damage to Probopass before it can attack.
  • Remove Probopass’s Stealth Rock: Probopass is known for setting up Stealth Rock, which can damage opposing Pokemon when they switch in. Trainers can use Pokemon with the ability to remove hazards, such as Rapid Spin or Defog, to get rid of Probopass’s Stealth Rock and minimize the damage to their team.
  • Use Special Attacks: Probopass has a high base defense stat of 145, making it more resistant to physical attacks. Trainers can use special attacks that target Probopass’s lower special defense stat of 75 to deal more damage.

Probopass Weakness


Probopass is a dual-type Rock/Steel Pokemon with some significant strengths and weaknesses in battles. While it has a top 15 defensive stat ceiling and the ability to use three small units called Mini-Noses to catch prey and attack enemies, it is also vulnerable to Water, Fighting, and Ground-type moves. Trainers can develop effective battle strategies by using Pokemon that can exploit Probopass weaknesses while minimizing the impact of its strengths.


  1. What type is Probopass?
    Probopass is a Rock and Steel type Pokemon.
  2. What are the primary Probopass weaknesses?
    Probopass is primarily weak against Water, Fighting, and Ground type Pokemon.
  3. Why is Probopass weak against Water type moves?
    Water can erode rock and corrode metal, making it a natural counter to Probopass’s Rock and Steel type.
  4. Are there any Pokemon that are particularly effective against Probopass?
    Pokemon like Machamp, Garchomp, or Swampert can be particularly effective against Probopass.
  5. Does Probopass have any resistances?
    Yes, Probopass has a natural resistance to Steel type moves.

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